2017 03 11 Rivers of London.

What to read:

Ben Aaronovitch‘s sixth in the Rivers of London (aka the Peter Grant) series, The Hanging Tree. More of Peter being a modern London cop-wizard. No, really, the cop part comes first. What I like about these novels, more than the obvious tagging appellations (mystery,london,magic,urban fantasy,modern,police,black main character) is the infusion of real world culture.

Music, architecture, families, romance, book study vs internet study…I love it. These are complicated, engaging stories that I find are difficult to stop reading when, you know. I have to feed the cats or something.

If you haven’t read any of this series, start with the first one. The only confusing bit is starting the first book, in which different publishers across the pond from each other have named the first book two separate things. Either of these is the correct choice:

The Rivers of London OR Midnight Riot

I know, a confusing first book title double up, but it’s clear sailing from there on.

I hear tell that there are now graphic novels, which are new stories set in between the books, so I’ll have to read them at some point. I’m excited.



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